Important Traffic Monitoring Tools for Bloggers

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Have you noticed that these days, blogging has become quite common? The reason is that it is one of the best ways to get information and moreover, one can also make money by maintaining one’s blog. This is the reason, which is why you will notice quite a number of blogs online. The most amazing part is that one can find blogs on different topics. Whether it is about finding information related to technology or marriage rituals in different parts of the world, everything is available online.

Now the question that may arise in your mind is if countless blogs are available online then how you will make your blog unique from others. What will be the tool, which will define that your blog is better than others are? Here you need to understand that in order to stay at the top of Google search and to get noticed by the people, who are browsing, you need to attract traffic to your blogger website.

For this, the best is to do link building for your site. With this approach, it will be easy for your site to get at the top of the Google search pages and visitors will visit it easily and more frequently.

However, you have to measure the performance of your website in order to analyze whether you are succeeding or you need to apply different strategies to get successful in getting more traffic. The best part about this approach is that if you are not achieving your target then it will become easy for you to rectify your mistakes on time to achieve the desired goals.
Hence, to check the results for your productive work, you can use 10 useful traffic monitoring tools, which can elaborate you about the traffic progress of your site.

Google Analytic

This tool provides you the accurate statistics about your website. It is the most commonly used tool by the SEO professionals because it provides a detailed report on the website traffic performance and the activities performed related to it. The best thing is that it has customized dashboard, which allows you to view everything you have organized.

Social Mention
It not only tracks that where your product or services has been discussed on the internet but also provides information about the users, who are talking about your product or service. Keep in mind that if you will know these kinds of details then it will become easier for you to expand your business with ease.


You can track down and compare the traffic on your website with your competitors by using Alexa. This tool gives an accurate report by emphasizing on keywords, website location, and even the category.

Yahoo Web Analytics

We all are well aware of Yahoo being a popular website for social networking, information sharing, and much more. This tool gives you a straightforward report that which section is visited the most or which topics the visitors have viewed the most. Thus, with the help of such details, you can analyze that what the audience actually like and want to read.

Sprout Social

This tool gives you analytical report on the demographics and monitors the conversation of your friends as well. It gives you information that which topics are discussed the most. This tool comes integrated with the social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and LinkedIn.
Open tracker
Now you can track the activities of the visitors of your website using this tool. This tool helps in getting information about the visitors like who they are and what their preferences are. Moreover, it gives the detailed report of every visitor, who visits your website.

Stat Counter
This works same as Google analytics but the results are more simplified and less technical, which makes it a little more helpful than Google analytics. This tool also gives you an analytical report on the basis of keywords, popular web pages, statistics, and time spent by the visitor on the website.

This tool provides you the information about the referral links, monitor the visitor activities from the time they visit your website, and the time they leave the website. It turns the complex data into simplified and comprehensive report to help you in understanding the progress of your website.

This tool helps you in tracking down the visitors’ IP address along with incoming links and keyword analysis. It helps you to understand the traffic activities on your blog website. Keep in mind that it is important to track the users in order to know that where you are lacking to improve the website.

IM Conference, Spreading the web

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Internet marketing denotes to the combination of influential tools and the practices used for the endorsing merchandises and facilities through the Internet. Internet advertising comprises the broader range of the publicizing the basics than the outdated commercial marketing due to the additional channels and marketing contrivances accessible on an Internet.

Internet marketing is the composite, wedged by the recurrent shifts in the search engines procedures, and sees incessant growth of the new stages. These issues increases the technical information essential to implement the effective Internet selling movements that makes the important task for the business holders and the advertising specialists. Though the topic of Internet marketing is very massive and the gears existing are continuously developing, it is a general meaning is consistent.

What is Internet Marketing Conference?

Conference presence can be the countless way to start education about the Internet Marketing, the SEO and Social Media. These actions are also the inordinate way to stay well-informed of progressions in the business and meet like-minded business and people. There are the 100 of meetings about the world each year.

The IM Conference is a global meeting about many features of the e-business prearranged by the International Internet Marketing Association (IIMA). The conference was started by Lennart Samberg .The opening session existed or detained in Copenhagen 2000. It has meanwhile then been held in Berlin, Vancouver, Montreal, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Las Vegas and New York. The session has undertook the topics of social media, web strategy, onsite behavioral targeting, web analytics, competitive intelligence, multivariate testing and all aspects of marketing ( affiliate marketing, search marketing etc.)

Internet marketing conference held every year and thousands of people come to join the session. Its main motive is to introduce the new technologies in Internet marketing and new strategies to increase the internet marketing among the countries. You can find more information on this link:

How To Use Twitter For Businesses

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There are many companies that use get retweets and business to connect with customers and expand their brand. A lot of these companies also wonder why their followers didn’t change to leads and traffic. Twitter can be a great method for promoting your business, but simply tweeting isn’t going to bring you more customers. You will need to have a good understanding of what kind of audience you have, a way to measure your results as well as a strategy to achieve success on Twitter. The most important thing is, you need to understand how and why you are going to use Twitter. Here are some things that you should think about:Conduct ResearchResearch is an absolute must if you are looking to improve your success. Asking questions to your community of Twitter followers can help gain insight on what is relevant to your customers, what influences their choices, and what they think about your competition.

When you are dedicating some time towards your research, it is more likely that your prospective clients and customers are going to think of you as a personable and approachable brand.

Make a Strategy Every business needs to have a strategy to achieve, maintain and build their base of customers. Therefore, before you start to tweet, you should start to know your community online and how to join in with that community. Think about what you are going to post and how often you will post.Build Awareness of Your BrandBefore your business can start making money, it will need to develop a magnetism for social media. The initial step would be to spread the word and bring traffic to your page of Twitter followers. Follow the competitors, leaders, companies and experts that are in your industry. Share some of your expertise to help enhance your reputation and start building credibility.Engage With Your FollowersIn the world of small business, nurturing and creating relationships with your Twitter followers can be challenging but a highly satisfying and profitable experience. Social media is all about having dialogue. With this being said, respond to others tweets talking about your brand and you. Join and start conversations. Be real, genuine and authentic. When you have a great conversation with a customer, you can turn that into action.Build Loyalty of Your BrandMaintain an online active presence.

This way, more people will discover your business and you will be attracting more followers. A lot of businesses use Twitter as a tool so they can find their unhappy customers and solve the issues. Also, by keeping all of your followers updated on what is happening within your business, will keep you on top.SEOWhen it comes down to SEO, it is very important to have a certain set of keywords for only your business. This way, your updates are helping your business achieve better results on the search engines from your free retweets. You can do this by first including some keywords into your bio box. Also make sure that your tweets are using a good amount of the character limit.